On February 21st, 2000, in a sordid flat in the depths of south central Swansea two people met to exchange a suspect package. Over tea and cigarettes the two discussed the small parcel and where to take it and who to share it with. The pair were joined for a short while by a third person who was doing deals on his mobile phone, he soon left carrying a large holdall.
One of the pair was later named as Clifford Harris, a notoriously bad back-garden footballer. The secretive person on the mobile phone who was only on the scene for a short while was known only by Tim but the second of the pair was ME!!
The following gallery documents a small part of that parcel's travels. So secretive was it's mission that only a few photographs made it back. The parcel, now known to be called Perry, has not been seen since.
The mission - to go on tour with the rock band Liberty 37. God help him!