All Paper Penguins (living and recycled)



Named After

Penguin Link


Dennis Dennis Hopper Rockhopper Penguin Oamaru,
New Zealand
Scott Captain Scott Antarctica Hong Kong
Elvis Elvis Presley 'The King' Penguin Bristol Zoo, U.K.
Perry Named by host If any On tour with
'Liberty 37'
Danny Danny DeVito Played the Penguin in 'Batman Returns' Worked with Mike Ratnett, an art student and exhibited in Exeter but now languishing at home in Cardiff/
Betty Betty Blue Blue Penguin Trip to New York and now lives at home with me.
Mac   Macaroni Penguin Last seen in Edmonton, Canada. More recently Hawaii.
Meredith Burgess Meredith Played the Penguin in the TV series (the best!) Exhibited in Exeter but now in Cardiff.
Rocky Rocky Rockhopper Penguin Lazing with Meredith.
Gen   Gentoo Penguin Working, I hope, at the Bristol Evening Post with Chloe Rigby.
Henry King Henry King Penguin Still around but has been disembowelled in the name of art! Permanently hungry.
Oswald Oswald Oswald was the penguin's name in 'Batman Returns' Currently at home in his 'cyber-room'
Ferdinand Ferdinand Magellan Magellanic Penguin Washington Uni., Seattle, and then onto the North Pole.
Adele   Adelie Penguin Exhibited in Exeter. Now making a nuisance of herself with Danny etc.
Tawaki Penguin from Maori legend   Surfing in Hawaii
Gwyn Pen'Gwyn'   Teaching in Alaska
Jack Jackass Jackass Penguin Massachusetts, USA
Hudson Rock Hudson Rockhopper Penguin Aardman Animation
Penne The pasta Penne Macaroni Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Gwynneth Pen 'Gwynneth'   Assistant teacher in Omaha, Nebraska.
Maggie   Magellanic Penguin Dunno!
Polly After Polly Besley Little girl that contacted me when she was 8 but never got a penguin, now she's 16! Soon off to Audubon Aquarium
Jane Doe Name to be changed   Soon off to SANCCOB
Molly After a friend's daughter   Penguins Eatern Cape