Mac's journey was as much as a surprise for him as it was for me. We have a friend of ours, called Roger, who is a violin maker. One day Roger came round the flat to tell us that he was off to see his brother, Ian, in Edmonton, Canada and would Mac like to go with him. Obviously Mac flew at the chance (well, tried as hard as any flightless bird can) and was packing his bags before you could say 'Leopard Seal Ahoy!'
Although Roger has returned, Mac has remained in Canada travelling and visiting Ian's friends.
Ian is an artist/illustrator/writer/anything-elser who works for a publishing company focussing mostly on nature, this also allows him to be a painter too. Ian has his own website where you can find out more info and this can be found on the links page.
Mac's travels so far are documented quite nicely in an e-mail from Ian that can be found on Mac's e-mail page and a couple of photos in his gallery.