This is Dave Houston's site. It's an excellent site packed with information and photos of all 17 species of penguin. The only species he doesn't have information on is the rare, yet beautiful, paper penguin!

Bristol Zoo Gardens

Bristol Zoo's site is always worth a visit. If you're lucky you might spot Elvis there. He hasn't left the zoo yet!

Polar Science Centre,
University of Washington,

This is where you'll be able to find out all about James Morison and the work he's carrying out at the North Pole, you might even spot Ferdinand there.
National Science Foundation The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1950

Keith Munro

This is Keith Munro's site. Keith's ceramics are unique and collected the world over. His client list is impressive and includes people like Georgio Armani and Donna Karan to name but a few. If you like beautiful ceramics with a designer flair then check out Keith's site.

Ian Sheldon

If you want to find out all about Ian then look no further.

Pete and Barabara Barham's Penguin pages

Everything you wanted to know about penguins but were afraid to ask!

Pengcognito A great penguin comic strip site


Plenty to find here on mail art.

Onigirl's Shrine to PenPen

A site about a Japanese cartoon that features a rather cool antipodean bird called PenPen.


Mainly Parrot, Macaw and Cockatoo site but with other useful bird links.

Boulders Beach, South Africa

Home of Van the Penguin Man - Cape Town, South Africa.

Sheila and Paul's Penguin Page

Penguin Pin Up of the Month!!


Even though I don't understand French Richard Carlier's site is packed full of penguin info and looks great but I couldn't make out why he had Polar Bears on it as well (I'll have to learn French to find out).

Penguin Place

I thought I was mad but Eric Bennett has taken madness to another level - loved it!

Ted Brattstrom's Penguin page

Ted is a teacher at Pearl City High School in Hawaii. He obviously loves penguins and is about to become a Paper Penguin host himself, check out his site.

Paolo Bordino's site

A new kind of penguin that now live in the streets of Paolo Bordino's city.

Sean Woodward's Mail Art Gallery (UK)
www.kidzone.ws/animals/penguins Welcome to the land of goofy hats and happy kids.
www.pinguins.info Main goal of this site is to show how penguins live and why they fascinate so many people
Club Penguin Club Penguin is a snow-covered, virtual world where children play games and interact with friends in the guise of colourful penguin avatars.
Penguin World Welcome to PenguinWorld. Designed to be accessible, it is the one-stop shop for all things "penguin".
Anja's penguin page Anja's pages on things penguin.
Cool Antarctica An Antarctic travel and nature photogtaphy site.
Falklands Conservation Protecting the Unique Wildlife of the Falkland Islands and the South Atlantic.
Penguin Pix Quality photos and posters of penguins and their world, penguin personalities, huge Antarctic landscapes
New Zealand Birds A site dedicated to the unique birds of New Zealand
Kids for Birds The site is designed for children and gives info and pictures of all NZ birds.
NZ Trust for Conservation Volunteers NZ conservation organisation dedicated to the protection of yellow-eyed penguins
Eduscapes Serving Teachers, Parents, and Students Since 1998
Penguins-World Facts and Information about Penguins
http://www.peoplefinders.com/article-all-people-need-to-know-about-penguins.aspx Apparently, all you need to know about penguins.
A site dedicated to New Zealand birds
The Yellow-eyed penguin Trust  
Adopt a Penguin Adopt a penguin, tell us what you want to call your penguin, and we will send you regular news and photos of your penguin's progress.
International Penguin Conservation Work Group  
Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station An unofficial site created and run by Bill Spindler
www.bioexpedition.com Amazing Animal Facts
Washington Gallery The Washington Gallery in Penarth
Ana Maria Frias English homepage of a Portugese woman, with probably the largest collection on earth.
Penguin pen English site of a Swedish woman with lots of penguin-goodies.
O'Higgins Station(Antarctica) English blog about the gentoo penguins at O'Higgins Station(Antarctica) where a webcam is placed.
The Penguin Parade Iinformation about fairy penguins in Victoria, Australia, with pictures and shop.
Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony A visitor centre in Oamaru (New-Zealand South Island), where you can see blue penguins. You find a lot of info about little penguins on their website and also a shop. This is where Dennis resides (I believe) and where I spent a lot of time in 2001. I thoroughly recommend it!
Penguins and Vulcanoes Interesting penguin homepage with a lot of pictures. But also very good volcano info and pictures.
New England Aquarium Informative site including several pictures of penguin chicks
Eudyptes.net A project about Snares crested penguins. (GE and Eng) Thomas Mattern
Penguinpage.net A new(ish) project about yellow-eyed penguins by almost the same team as above.
Penguin Rescue former Jeffreys Bay Penguin Rehabilitation Fund
Charles Darwin Research Station  
Institut für Meereskunde  
Sphenisco German organisation, in cooperation with several German zoos (especially Landau) for conservation of humboldt penguins
Penguin teachers  
Willy Puchner Great site!
The Penguin Lady Dyan deNapoli is the author of The Great penguin Rescue
Fun Stuff
Chilly willy  
Todd and Penguin Todd and Penguin began on the web in 2000 as an attempt to fill the void left by Bill Watterson and Charles Schulz.
Yeti Sports Funny flash games
Pingu The official Pingu website
Niki’s Penguin Palace Site dedicated to her sister, Niki, by big sister Clarissa
Nothing But Penguins Penguin gifts from around the world. Stuffed penguins, Penguin clothing, penguin jewelry, penguin decor and much more.
UK Zoos
World Zoos