Recently just born to the Paper Penguin family, Ella is looking forward to making an impact on the family.

Ella is desperate to go and stay at Dudley Zoological Gardens because they have one of the largest parent-reared colonies of Humboldts in the UK. Alsos their oldest penguin, Pingu, is celebrating his 21st birthday and she wants to give him the 'bumps'!


Ella arrived at Dudley Zoological Gardens mid February and has been overseeing the construction of Penguin Bay, a walkthrough experience where visitors can get really close to Humboldts. It will be completed for the zoo's 75th anniversary in early May.

UPDATE 27/04/12*

I travelled up to Dudley Zoo for a photoshoot and short filming session with Ella, Peter Suddock and Jill Hitchman. The weather was awful but that didn't dampen the spirits. They have created a fantastic Penguin Bay enclosure that has the penguins walking underneath the walkway from the pool to their beach/nesting area.
I had never been to the zoo before and was overwhelmed by the beauty and size of the zoo that is, basically, sited in the middle of a sprawling city suburb.
Located on a hill with Dudley castle at the top, the zoo covers the slopes and gives a feeling of vastness with plenty of trees and foliage to detract from the fact that you are overlooking suburban Birmingham!
I absolutely loved it despite the weather (especially the Lemur walkthrough that felt like being in a rainforest) and would highly recommend it.
See the pictures of the zoo I managed to take before the rain stopped play below.

Gallery 1
Gallery 2