Betty was sent off to New York, on April 6th, with a good friend of ours called Keith Munro. Keith, a well known ceramicist based in Cardiff, was off to New York to sell his work to the Museum of Modern Art and agreed to take Betty as his Sales Assistant.
In the airport on the way out Betty was distressed to discover that Keith had left her at the x-ray machines and was nowhere to be seen. Thankfully Keith realised that he was missing a Sales Assistant and contacted airport security to inform them of his lack of penguin. Penguin and ceramicist were soon reunited (much to the amusement of their fellow passengers) and on their way to the Big Apple.
This is Betty posing for a Calvin Klein billboard on Houston St., Soho, Manhattan. Measuring up to the twin towers of the World Trade Centre on a fence at Brooklyn Bridge. Playing in the first snow she has ever seen on the fender of a New York taxi cab in Brooklyn. Apparently this always makes Keith laugh - bloody obvious name for a gas station (hasn't changed it's name in all the years Keith's been going to New York). Rummaging through the waste paper bin at York St. subway station. Admiring the famously familiar New York fire escapes in Thompson St., Soho, Manhattan. Brooklyn Bridge The famous towers that no longer exist. Betty without her travelling suit Betty without her travelling suit On go the boots and belt On go the boots and belt And now the crash helmet! And now the crash helmet! All suited and booted!